The lady comically farcical reactions include severely hilarious.

She attempts to discover him out-by informing your they are in the midst of things crucial, while totally oblivious to Hoon Dong cheering and Gi Tae meddling.

As she chases Gi Tae on, he pretends to be harm, and Hoon Dong apologises by providing to treat him to a glass or two today. Ha. Jang Mi puts a stop to all of them, all Now? But I was.. we were

And Gi Tae abruptly Mr knowing, preaching that Hoon Dong cannot abandon their girl and is also this alcoholic drinks? Ha. To Jang Mi horror, the guy pops available that priceless container of champagne, and beverages they right through the bottles. And ha, Hoon Dong breaking myself up with his small jig of joy.

Jang Mi seems up to Hoon Dong, who today smiling dependably, and she believes that its a joyous celebration to satisfy his friend only to cry because Gi Tae chooses to devour the cake by looking their thumb into it. Hahahahaha.

He delivers their fiasco energy inside rooms, but once he blows the flower flower petals away, she pushes him away lightly (regarding face). Ha. The guy pretends to be badly harmed, and leaves. Hoon Dong pursues your, leaving Jang Mi behind with a reason. (are I the type that favours pal over girlfriend?!)

Both most readily useful buds go swimming, and even though Gi Tae diving like a piece, Hoon Dong diving. The First Laws of Separating Politely: Disappearing. The word practically implies diving, and therefore by disappearing (in an actual physical feeling), he implied holding their inhale under liquid, to make certain that he is able to ogle at girls figures.

Looks like Jang Mi operates as a department shop greeter. She mulling over simple tips to propose to Hoon Dong the very next time. And claps in glee when she decides just how she must do thus. Han Groo try working the maniacal smile really!

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong have actually a drink (yes!) within their bathrobes, while Hoon Dong adjustment their SNS profile (to it really is appreciate because it is safe.) He eyes a great bod, and grabs Gi Tae drink to have a chat up the lady utilizing the close bod. That just becomes Gi Tae stink attention. Pretty!

At the job, Jang Mi phone calls Hoon Dong over and over repeatedly. Its a flip cell, therefore she places it between this lady hands to hide it. Ha. Those days in school. Your cant accomplish that with a sensible mobile now. Envision initiating Siri by accident.

She cant complete, along with her coworker, Nam Hyun Hee (Yoon So Hee), proposes she check always their SNS. Said coworker is astonished when she realises that Jang Mi cannot access any SNS from this lady telephone, an antique. She gasps very loudly, however, that their manager overhears, sending them a glare.

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong bring a glass or two in the bar (we drunks like this program already!). Hoon Dong certain that Jang Mi stop calling your after a couple of instances, thus the guy switches his phone on to understand that she offered him 300 skipped telephone calls and 102 information. Yikes. There also one inbound telephone call from this lady!

Very the guy hurriedly removes the battery of their mobile, downing their glass of wines in a one chance. Jang Mi are perturbed by this, and amazing things exactly why he isnt getting his cellphone. Hyun Hee good-naturedly informs their which he has a fear of wedding, which she should merely allow it stop, nonetheless it falls on deaf ears.

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Hoon Dong a reckless playboy however, as he casually sips a sit down elsewhere with Gi Tae, therefore the latter informs him he have a woman chasing him.

Cue Jang Mi on a bicycle, proceeding towards her very cafe (named French cafe, ha). Hoon Dong flustered, and eventually ends up concealing precariously near the cashier table.

A barista sees him achieve this however, therefore we have our positive introduction to pretty child Han Yeo Reum (Jung Jin Woon). He offers their greatest eyes laugh to welcome Jang Mi (as a customer), and Im now curious exactly why that cafe isnt chockfull of people.

Jang Mi doesnt notice beauty in front of this lady, and is looking around for their manager. A, so Hoon Dong has this cafe. Yeo Reum replies that Hoon Dong isnt around, even obtaining a dig at their own president while at they. Ha, Hoon Dong practically offered themselves away, though the guy luckily conserved by Gi Tae. Aw, ideal bud.

Gi Tae receives a phone call from their aunt equally Jang Mi recognises him, in which he mom is aggravated for their numerous a destroyed blind schedules. Gi Tae is informed to apologise to Hoon Dong, but the guy informs aunt (and Jang Mi) that Hoon Dong should apologise to him, for he’s pursued by a Doen-Jang woman, Ji Hyun. He continues about the woman inside accommodation, who squeezed for partnered as well. . Jang Mi all me personally?, in which he covers up by deeming it his blind big date. Ha.

Gi Tae hears that their mom and aunt is reaching the cafe (they might be selecting your upwards for the next blind day), and escapes right away. He stopped by Jang Mi, though in a rush, the guy simply informs the woman that the girl partnership a goner. She becomes a moment in time to really function what the guy only designed, therefore see The next laws of splitting up Politely: tell associated with breakup through an authorized.

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