Project and Construction Management

We develop preliminary plans on investment alternatives and prepare feasibility reports. We analyze construction methods to select the most beneficial methods for our clients. We generate optimum solutions in the implementation details. We save time and money by making sure the targeted work is done in a single attempt. We implement project and construction management models designed for different types of structures by coordinating and adapting to the requirements of investors and project partners. We create added value for our client’s investments, utilizing our accumulated knowledge.

Design Management

This service includes the design controls in coordination with consultants and various discipline groups (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, infrastructural, etc.) that are part of the design process. 

Tender Management

Tender management involves the preparation of tender documents required to select the designers and the contractor that will perform design and construction work and manage the tender process. ‘

Contract And Claim Management

This service includes monitoring compliance with project contracts agreed between the client and designer, contractors, and other parties engaged in the project. 

Risk Management

This service includes the identification and analysis of project risks, implementation of necessary improvement work, and effective risk management. 

Construction Management

This service features activities aimed at completing site works according to the design by supervising everything necessary to complete the project to the desired quality and within the specified time and budget targets. 

  Quality Assurance and Quality Control

This service is aimed at completing the site works in the course of the project according to design, technical specifications, standards, and terms of reference.

Technical Due Diligence

This service involves on-site visits during any project together with the required technical staff (architect, mechanical, electrical engineer, etc.) at intervals determined in accordance with the Client for the purpose of technical due diligence, comparing construction activities with contract conditions, and reporting findings to the Client.

Supervision, Inspection, And Commissioning

This service is aimed at achieving the functionality of the system by providing supervision and inspection services and attending the necessary tests until the end of the project term. 

Technical Consultancy

This service involves identifying and reporting technical findings and assessments, e.g., order of performance and methods, paving the way for on-site production in parallel with the Clients’ requirements in terms of architecture, structure, mechanics, and electrics.

Budget Management

This service includes the development of a preliminary budget in compliance with the design criteria, description of cost monitoring methods, monitoring of the budget, and reporting identified deflections from the project budget. 


This service includes the development of master and detailed work schedules, monitoring the on-site workflow based on these schedules, reporting potential delays and disruptions, revising and adjusting these for on-site operations. 

Sustainable Project Management

These are the services provided to identify management systems tailored to the targets of environment-friendly projects and meeting the expectations of Clients assessed during the design stage. 

Value Engineering

This service includes identifying alternative or economic solutions (materials as well as production methods) that meet the Clients’ needs in terms of architecture, structure, mechanics, and electrics and providing information to the Client by conducting market research when needed.