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Having a strong Quality Management System is key to internal and external customer satisfaction. Without carefully planned, documented and executed processes that meet specified standards and deliver predictable results it would be very difficult for any organization to operate successfully, and for customers to rely on such operations.

QAQCS can deliver world-class quality management systems that not only meet applicable requirements, but provide a custom designed framework for efficient management of your organizational processes.

Many of our quality management consulting services are project based. If you have a project with extensive quality requirements you might benefit from a development of a Project Quality Assurance Plan (PQAP), and you might be required by your customer to develop one. QAQCS not only develops quality assurance plans, but also helps with the plan implementation. We can help you imbed quality into your project from design and procurement to closeout.


We address all aspects of quality management (quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement), our quality management consulting services favor defect prevention over quality inspection. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of applying process-based principles and risk management tools to your quality assurance processes rather than adding non-value added quality control steps to your existing processes.

When you hire QAQCS you don’t just hire one of our consultants for a specific task or a project. You invest in a long term relationship with our entire community of the quality professionals who are just a phone call or an e-mail away. We work in teams so even when you only interact with one or two of us, the work they are presenting to you is most likely a result of a collaborative effort of our team. Our consultants are not only experts in their fields, but they are also leaders, mentors, problem solvers, innovators and team players


QAQCS offers a broad range of construction inspection, quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) services for transportation, utilities, environmental, water/wastewater, recreational, and building projects. Competent and thorough inspection is one of the most important elements in achieving a quality construction project. Proper inspection requires not only technical expertise and knowledge of the materials and procedures to be used, but also sound judgment, diplomacy and good communication skills.

QASCS inspection services include:

  • Inspection and oversight of construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications
  • Contractor’s activity inspection and documentation
  • Inspector’s daily report preparation
  • Examination of quality of installations for conformity to standards and specifications
  • Interpret drawings and specifications and discuss deviations
  • Neat, accurate and complete records maintenance
  • Active participation in project meetings
  • Contractor’s schedule monitoring
  • Field testing of soils, concrete and asphalt, and materials sampling
  • Assistance in semi-final/final inspections
  • Punch list preparation and completion monitoring
  • Assistance with smooth and timely project close-out


QAQCS offers outsourcing solutions for internal audits.

Internal audits are the first-party audits typically conducted by the individuals within an organization or by an outside party on behalf of the organization in order to verify conformance of the organization with one or more of the following:

  • Conformance with specific quality requirements such as ISO9001 etc.
  • Conformance with customer contractual requirements
  • Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.



Outsourcing internal quality audits can save you a lot of time and money. Since internal audits are infrequent, and they can be performed in a fairly small amount of time, it is generally challenging to justify and maintain competencies and credentials of in-house auditing personnel. Outsourcing would allow your valuable resources to focus on the day-to-day operations while contributing to the organizational strategic objectives. Conducting an internal audit would become one less thing to worry about when seeking conformance to the standards that require internal audits and independent assessments.

QAQCS offers internal audit outsourcing solutions that give you access to qualified and experienced professionals on an as-needed basis. We conduct audits in accordance with the auditing requirements for management systems, also you will be able to use our internal audit results in preparation for external audits.

We also perform desktop audits of the quality management systems and quality assurance plans. Simply send us your QMS documentation and we will verify its conformance to specified requirements.

Co-sourcing is also available. Co-sourcing combines internal and external resources allowing you to share internal auditing responsibilities while maintaining overall control of the process.

If you are an organization searching for a stronger return on investment, then an ISO 9001 quality management system is without any doubt an investment worth considering. If you lack having the internal staff to oversee the ISO certification process, then choosing QAQCS the right ISO 9001 consulting agency to help you bring on board a new quality system and continually maintain it is another equally important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.


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