GSN will be the prominent public system in Greec e within the range people it serves

System Machines

Particularly, they interconnects and connects on the net above education, a residential area of just one. pupils and coaches. GSN can be applied latest internet systems and is also among the first five college sites in this field that used IPv6 method.

GSN owns 118 nodes throughout nation capitals and in the greatest Greek cities. How many nodes is expected to reach 120 from the integration associated with interconnection of GSN making use of the city Optical Fiber letter etworks of Municipalities. The technical employees of CTI which in charge of the appropriate working on the backbone community manages over 200 community products each day. The typical circle traffic of GSN into the online is over 9 Gbps every day.

Not too long ago, GSN enhanced their community infrastructures regarding the class advanced of Grava (the larg est in Greece), with the most contemporary optical and wireless technologies to offer above 3.500 users.

Principal data middle Equipment

The computing system of GSN is e qually str onger. Through this system, GSN produces its solutions to a lot more than customers (schools, administrative models, teachers, students, etc.)

The key information heart of GSN is located in Athens. Three other (of smaller capacity) facts facilities are observed in Thessaloniki (one) as well as in Patras (two).

The technical teams of CTI that’s accountable for the uninterruptible procedure of information locations controls every day over 100 servers and circle equipment.

Broadband Link

Throughout community education and management models, a totally free broadband connections was supplied. The connection expenses of public training units with GSN and Internet burdens their state spending plan. The devices overseas usually do not receive this service. The bond engineering used become VDSL (mainly), optical fabric and picked traces (hardly ever). Broadband in GSN are 99.9% and analytically:

The key objective of GSN for the next 5 years will be the additional update in the medium rate contacts, ie. as much as 20Mbps for speeds with a minimum of 50Mbps (VDSL innovation) and additional school connectivity with optical fabric to meet the expanding goals of school s.


The por tal of GSN runs as an informative point for steps related to degree and as a main point of entry to GSN treatments. The key attributes of the site include:

  • Reports, announcements, and happenings about the informative people
  • Guidance and manuals for service offered by the GSNP
  • Private websites associated with the members of GSN also academic website
  • Usage of the non-public administrator panel per person in GSN
  • Connection with various other services of GSN

Core consumer verification solution

The middle consumer Authenticati on Service ( ) produces entry to a part of GSN from a single point (one sign up) in all integrated applications of GSN along with authorized providers from the Ministry and various other educational couples without t he requirement for re-accreditation with the individual in each of them.


This is basically the top service of GSN and will the handling of consumers’ e-mail in other words. schools, teachers, management products, administrators and studentsmunication try protected and a few contemporary attributes are offered including viruses and junk e-mail protection etcetera.

Mailing Lists

The email listing servic elizabeth is perfect for the straightforward managing of information and records to a large number of consumers. This specific service try commonly used of the Ministry and its own local architecture for your management of proper correspondence at institutes.

Website Hosting

Cyberspace h osting provider offers schools, administrative products, and educators the opportunity to produce and simply maintain their site.

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